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Fragrance is a powerful way to express our personality, build our self image + engage with others. They accompany us in our everyday life + add the finishing touch to our fashion + makeup. Awaken your senses with THE FRAGRANCE. - an edgy sophisticated, mysterious, exotic, intoxicating, addictive, sexy, intriguing, unisex fine fragrance.

The first fragrance to be introduced by PurgARTory. I'm happy to say that I helped design + create this fragrance with fragrance masters I found in Milan, Italy. It captures the essence of what my brand is all about.

Classified as an Oriental fragrance, it combines some of my favorite warm, creamy, spicy + sweet notes of vanilla, coffee, maple + caramel with aromas of amber, rum + tonka bean. A perfect balance of spicy + sweet, femininity + masculinity.

This is for luxury fragrance connoisseurs. This is a high-end 1.7 oz eau de parfum, inspired by fragrances that I experienced throughout my journey working with Dior, living + working in NYC - gender neutral fragrances, like Tom Ford + Killian, that I experienced at places like Bergdorf's, Saks Fifth Avenue + other flagship stores.

"Made in Italy" represents beauty, quality, research + tradition to give something unique + special. The fragrance experts go around Italian cities to discover the best scents + create perfumes that enclose the magic + splendor that characterize Italy.

France + Italy are home to the largest perfume producers. France still produces perfume at high capacity, while Italy stands out with their expensive raw materials.
Milan is known as the economic heart of Italy. The city is known for its thriving fashion industry with the international success of Milanese houses like Armani, Versace + Dolce & Gabbana.

I know you will enjoy this fragrance just as much as I do, so close your eyes, imagine + experience the journey....


Xo Lynne