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PurgARTory™ is Makeup, Fragrance, Skincare. PurgARTory is ART. Our mission is to help you feel more confident and more beautiful through our LifeSTYLE brand to focus on MENTAL HEALTH through SELF-CARE. We call it Fashion Psychology. We hope to help!

With almost two decades of professional expertise, extensive knowledge, and years of hands-on experience with elite clients, Lynne Schaffer believes Makeup, Skincare and Fragrance is FASHION. And fashion is a FEELING. She hopes that PurgARTory will help you to ARTistically express yourself by using our AMAZING, CRUELTY-FREE products.

All of our products are long-wearing essentials, using only the finest ingredients for ALL skin types. Our skincare is vegan and plant-based, while focusing on the use of the most effective anti-aging properties on the market. Our fine fragrances are extremely long wearing, luxurious, and unisex, using the rarest and most expensive materials from around the world.

PurgARTory is attention to DETAIL, QUALITY, DESIGN..we want to HELP YOU feel good about yourself! Join the PurgARTory LifeSTYLE, where we can do that with the HIGHEST QUALITY products + services for EVERYONE!

Join us in our movement towards SELF-CONFIDENCE.

PurgARTory Makeup by Lynne Schaffer | Orlando Makeup Brand