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PurgARTory™ is Makeup, Fragrance, Skincare and Fashion (ART). Our mission is to help you feel more confident and more beautiful through our LifeSTYLE brand to focus on MENTAL HEALTH through SELF-CARE. We call it Fashion Psychology. We hope to help!

Lynne Schaffer believes makeup should be about creative expression and feeling beautiful. With almost two decades of professional expertise, extensive knowledge, and years of hands on experience with elite clients, she found that the industry was oversaturated with an overwhelming amount of products.

PurgARTory cosmetics brings you back to basics with luxurious essential products. Using only the finest ingredients, we are a cruelty-free, versatile, universal, skin-care infused brand for all skin colors and types. Our products are safe to use all over the face, so creativity is encouraged! We are an independent brand that is that is travel friendly and our makeup is easy to use, smooth, long-wearing, vibrant, richly pigmented and perfect for creating a natural or dramatic effect.

Our products smell amazing and the lipsticks smell nostalgic, envoking childhood memories of playing dress-up with your grandma's makeup!

PurgARTory is what Lynne calls "Edgy Sophistication" and is to help you feel more beautiful, stronger, more independent, creative, and bad-ass!

...Be one of the many faces of PurgARTory...

PurgARTory Makeup by Lynne Schaffer | Orlando Makeup Brand