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TATTOO CREME Fragrance Body Lotion 

from PurgARTory LUXURY COLLECTION Fragrances 

Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Ginger, Citron, Cedarwood, Musk, White Peony, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Amber

Base: Vitamin E, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil

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Tattoo Creme is a luxurious + moisturizing balance of intoxicating notes to awaken your senses and take you on a mysterious, powerful + sensational journey - combining SkinCARE + Fragrance. This vegan, anti-aging body moisturizer is made of the finest healing ingredients to promote skin regeneration, nourishment, soothing, protection + instant relief for dry, cracked skin. Tattoo Creme aids in preservation of your tattoos, fights the signs of aging tattoos and skin, while reviving old tattoos with more vibrancy. Rich in natural oils for moisturization - including sunflower, coconut, jojoba oil + healing Vitamin E.

Tattoos are permanent art, design, fashion, symbolism, which have meaning for artistic, cosmetic, sentimental or spiritual expressions. Tattoo Creme's scent evokes the feelings of what a tattoo represents.

**Unisex fragrance

**Anti-aging body creme, even if you do not have tattoos!

PurgARTory LUXURY COLLECTION Fragrances are designed using a global palette of raw materials with exotic and well-balanced accords to project a rich, multi-dimensional, sophisticated, luxurious character. Made with expensive materials from around the world, they are created with a special manufacturing process of extraction, climate control, aging, concentration and precise bottling.

PurgARTory LUXURY COLLECTION was designed and curated by Lynne Schaffer, of PurgARTory LLC, together with master perfumers to create quality and luxury. Designed with intricate detail, our higher end LUXURY COLLECTION Fragrances have a unique and complex scent with many layers of notes that create, what Lynne describes as, a "scent symphony."

Our unique ingredients are sourced from around the world and each product from the LUXURY COLLECTION Fragrances are made with essential oils, fine fragrance oils, and ones that are often not readily available to the mass-market. TATTOO CREME, LUXURY CREME, LUXURY FRAGRANCE OIL Rollerball and LUXURY CANDLE by PurgARTory includes rich spices, warm woods, moody and earthy tones associated with luxury fragrances.

* Working with PURPOSE, we use a manufacturing house for our fragrance line that has a unique partnership to create beauty and opportunity by providing employment for adults living with a disability. The individuals with developmental disabilities receive personalized coaching from their staff on both professional and life skills development. This integrated workplace training shows participants the way to greater independence while increasing their self-confidence, self-esteem and financial security.